Parting is such sweet sorrow
’tis a widely known fact
The hardest part to get used to
is wondering if you’ll be back

I can deal with last hugs
and the tearful goodbyes
But i cannot bear that look
the despair in your beautiful eyes

Hold on my friend
and hold tight
I shall see you again
We’ll laugh and drink and be merry
and be as close as we were then

Hold still my love
and let me hold you
Let me show you how much i care
I’ll put my all into this last hug
For you to remember when i’m not there

maybe we did move too fast
maybe we weren’t meant to last
maybe you’ll just choose to pass
this off as an accident

it’s a mistake
one we all make
one we were meant to break

like a firework across the sky
one bright spark and then we die
fast like the wind, soft like a sigh
give me time to say goodbye

it’s a mistake
one others will make
one others will break

like a candle flame between your fingers
hot to the touch but does not linger
the heat will make the world seem greener
but will not last all through the winter

it’s a mistake
one that will break
our hearts
one that won’t slake
our spirits
the kind that will take
our dreams