Stream of Consciousness

Deep castle shine
Deep worlds collide
Deep ocean roll
Deep goes my mind

World it looks and
World it sees
Within hidden nooks and
Rustling trees

Deep castle crumbles
Deep worlds cross
Deep ocean rumbles
Deep time is lost

World it looks and
World it sees
With open hearts and
Restless seas

Deep castle shakes
Deep castle cries
Deep ocean quakes
Deeper than my lies

You calm me down. Make me smile. I can breathe around you. Be myself
You’re like home. Closer to me than i’ll ever be. You know me better than i shall ever know myself.
You inspire and you seize the day. I hope you never change and i hope one day i can be like you.
You have my heart. It’s yours. Please never give it back but i hope that you can give me your heart in return because i’ll probably need it if you’ve got mine.